Awana Clubs

Awana Clubs


First Club Night: Wednesday, 8/21/19, at 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Check-In Begins at 6:15pm

Volunteer to help boys and girls to know, love and serve Jesus.
Sharing faith from one generation to the next…

Reach kids!

There are various areas to get involved…

Assist the Children’s Director, Kristina Morse, on club nights to ensure club meetings run smoothly and our Awana Volunteers and Awana Clubbers have a positive experience each club night. Please contact Kristina Morse if you would like further information on this position.

Oversees a specific club and has the unique opportunity to guide the leaders who work directly with clubbers. The Director will get each club meeting started by leading clubbers in the saying of pledges. They will lead the Large Group time that closes each meeting with a reinforcement activity and the distribution of awards. 

Serves the club’s leadership, children, and parents through administration, such as maintain clubbers’ attendance and achievement records. They also supply information for parents and stay aware of inventory needs for club leaders. They will assist the Club Director with time management for their specific club to maintain the club rotation schedule.

Is a child’s main contact, mentor and role model. They are responsible for leading a specific age group of children through meetings each week. As a Small Group Leader, you impact kids’ lives for eternity by cultivating and nurturing relationships with them and hopefully their families.

LISTENER: (Serves on a Rotation Basis vs. Weekly)
Assists Club Leaders by hearing kids recite verses they’ve studied during the Handbook Time portion. Handbook Time is when children get individual attention from Leaders and Listeners to complete the handbook sections they worked on during the week.

LEADER IN TRAINING “LIT”: (Serves on a Rotation Basis vs. Weekly)
Is a middle or high-school student (7th-12th grade) who wants to help lead the younger generation of preschool or grade-school age children learn and understand handbook sections and Bible lessons. LIT’s actively participates in all club segments.

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