MyFBFirst is the secure and safe private online community of First Baptist Church, Fernandina Beach for our church goers to connect with one another anytime and anywhere.
And it’s a great way to stay connected to everything that is happening at FBFirst.

When we say, “safe and secure” it means your privacy is taken seriously.
Use of MyFBFirst requires a login and password.

Read more about it and login at

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will I show up on a Google Search?
A: No, you will not.

Q: What about my children/grandchildren/neighbor’s children?
A: We care deeply about protecting children. Children are not visible until the age of 15.

Q: Can everyone see my giving statement?
A: No, your statement is only visible by you, your spouse and our Financial Administrator.

Q: What if I do not want other people to find me?
A: We would be happy to show you how to change your privacy settings.