Pastor Shad Goltz

Pastor Shad Goltz

Shad Goltz joined the team at FBC in March 2012 as Student Pastor (grades 6-12). He has worked as a Student Pastor for 15+ years and has a heart to see teenagers grow in Christ. He believes that students are not just the ‘church of tomorrow,’ but that they can take a lead in the ‘church today.’ He also oversees and gives leadership to Upward Sports Ministry. He has worked as a Community Football Chaplain for two different schools as well and loves to be in the community.

Shad felt called into the ministry as a senior in high school. He received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Kennesaw State University and his Masters of Christian Education for Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

When not at a ballgame of any kind, you can find him on the beach, golf course, riding his bike, or watching ‘Gator Boys’ with his children. He loves to read and believes that people should constantly be learning because ‘leaders are learners.’
He has been married to Mary since August 1997. They grew up in the same church and went to the same high school together.

He has two amazing children – Caleb and Lily.

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